• 12 “I” Questions for the Dating Experience

    Building organic connections with people is an essential part of life. Some may even make the claim that love is over-rated and they’d rather be alone..but love done in a healthy manner can move mountains, provide breakthroughs, and feed corners of your soul. Having a partner is not the reason for life but it has the power to be powerful in the lives of some people (not all..I reckon.) If given the chance to be with a person who is a true companion and friend, most will agree to love.


    Some of the deepest connections are formed when a friendship is stapled with a romantic twist; however, when these connections have the ability to become a solid agreement (or a relationship) …it’s a good idea to know the answers to questions that are important to you. Listed below are 12 questions you may ask when considering a union that has the potential to be your best friend in the name of love. This is just to get your brain working. Most of these “I” questions should come from your own personal journey.


    These ‘I” questions is the information you want to gather about yourself when you’re deciding to invite a potential partner in your world. Check out the full youtube video here about how we’d used “I” questions like the ones below in our tweaked scientific method for dating


    1. Do “I” love myself?
    2. Do “I” have the desire to allow someone in my world beyond the surface level of interaction?
    3. Do “I” want to be monogamous, polyamorous, etc. What type of relationship am I designed for?
    4. Do “I” have a strong sense of self? Am I inviting people who fall in line with who I am as an individual?
    5. Do “I” enjoy being around myself?
    6. Do “I” know my love language?
    7. Do “I” have the desire to be an effective communicator?
    8. Do “I” know my weak points? Am I aware of my insecurities, doubts, fears,
    9. Did “I” make peace with my past? Or am I still dwelling or attached to relationships? Have I begun the process to break soul ties with relationships that no longer serve the higher part of me?
    10. Do “I” have a clear understanding of the things that are major to me in a relationship?
    11. Do “I” forgive myself in any are needed?
    12. And al the end of the matter, let’s throw this in there one more time, Do “I” love myself?


    I hope these questions give you a really good start. Are there any questions you can think of? Like and leave a comment below with your feedback!


    Remember, hold on to you: your health, your being and your mind! Be mindful!

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