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    The Health Be Mind Connects project is an ongoing mission which features those who live to inspire or have gifts that naturally inspire others; we want the artist of the holistic world. These can be poets, visual artist, performers, inspirational writers, creators and advocates of wellness and with a passion/service/product to elevate the mind, body and spirit.

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    What are we looking for?

    • We want to connect with people who love to write blogs: Our categories are mind, body and spirit.
    • We want to connect with people with a powerful voice and talent that want to further expose their art of music, design, words, etc on our holistic platform. We want people who use their hands to create unique  handmade creations such as crystal jewelry or queen/king headgear, or maybe you make your own shea butter or sell products that aid the body
    • Or perhaps, you want to share your service that can be helpful to assisting others in self-healing; do you provide a membership to a group for life coaching, business coaches, conduct workshops, online astrological readings, personal trainer for the body, wellness coach, etc.


    What is the Health BE Mind Way? And does my product or service belong here?

    Health: Anything tips, journeys or experiences that are shared to help another as they develop a healthier mind, body or experience. Anyone who can aid for a better inside + outside


    BE: These are areas that connect with the person! Are you unique? Do you have a story to share that’d you like to write to inspire others? Do you inspire people to be an advocate for themselves? Do you motivate people on their journey to conquer their dreams?


    Perhaps you have the gift of being YOU. Connect with us! We’d like to help!

    Mind: This is the foundation of Health Be Mind..to create healthier mental habits. Our thoughts are the beginning steps towards being our everything, let them be! Start by saying, yes, I’d like to help another with my story, service, or product! Yes, I’d like people to believe in themselves so they can also be a help to another.

    This space is here to help more innovators in the holistic community and to expose people to the use of more holistic products and services. If you would like to share your passion with us, click here and get started.




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