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    Here’s the thing, I don’t want to let go of expectations. But…I need to master the art of how to manage my beliefs of what’s going to happen.

    I was the person walking around saying, “don’t expect me to do this or that” – Although, I saw myself as a “giving” person – I didn’t want people to depend on me to be at 100% – Yet, I definitely expected people to do what I’ve wanted them to do on my time and terms:

    Support me!
    Love me!
    Please me!

    In ways, it seems childish to expect everything to go your way, but perhaps it can be powerful if we can figure out the art of the matter.

    Thinking that we are limited, can absolutely be what’s causing us to live to a limit.

    Ask yourself. How could I really not expect specific things in my life if I want to be an active creator of my life? If I order avocados and grilled red onions…I do not want to see a bowl of pringles delivered for my feast?

    If I’m going to work, I expect to see a paycheck that reflects the fruits of my labor.

    The same goes for the fruits of my expectations …

    “We don’t want people to have expectations of us, but then we have expectations of everybody else.” (2)


    Here’s where my past theories on expectations were flawed…

    I was blind to the fact that I was demanding the very thing, I struggled to give out. I thought I wasn’t setting expectations on the people around me but there were times that I felt disappointed, taken advantage of, angry or the most satisfying of the bunch … happy …because of the expectations I had for others.

    If what I expected came to pass…all was well

    If what I didn’t expect came to pass…I felt all types of ways.

    Gaining clarity on the concept of expectation:

    You’ll hear people say, “If you do not have expectations, you can never be disappointed” —But perhaps, we’re missing some concepts. The art of categorizing our expectations will give us the opportunity to not only attract what we want, based on our desires but it will also leave an ample amount of room for us to err in our ways. At the same time, we openly expect people to err in their ways, especially concerning the demands we’ve set for them to please our ego.

    In my world, I see people striving to be the best individuals but I also see them fall short of the expectations they’ve set for themselves– Yet,this is where our expectations are golden – The goal: do not fall short and to not let others fall short of their own expectations.

    We must set the tone and allow the appropriate pieces to fall in place.

    If a person takes a lover, the person must take a lover that set expectations to love. The person should not take a lover who expects  ‘no love’ –   ‘doesn’t believe in love’ – or a lover who ‘rebukes love in the name of Nothing –

    Be specific with what you want but leave room for some surprises; surprises can come in two forms:

    A) More great stuff

    B) Opportunities to see how you can make beauty out of things that clash.

    (This only works if you vow to expect others around you to err – and believe me they will)

    Having expectations may not be the problem…

    Maybe it’s the inability or willingness to adapt to the fruits of our expectations. But here this …the doses of bullshit you expect should be depended on the terms you set for yourself –  don’t neglect your masterpiece and start working on another’s. Better yet, attract balance.

    There is a vibrational match for your expectations! Therefore, you must focus on the expectations you’ve set for yourself! Believe in them…everything that doesn’t match will repel from you naturally. Everything, that is aligned with your expectations..will come your way.

    What is the point? 

    So the point is…yes…we can have expectations. The only thing you should expect from the people around you is for them to also expect what aligns with who they truly are and what they truly want out of this life.

    I can be a better friend by making sure the people I love are meeting their own expectations. I can be a better me by making sure I not only stay true to my expectations but I also do not bend them in order to please others –

    The disappointment comes in not because of your expectations but because of you mismatched expectations and/or provided no room for error.

    Let’s practice

    I expect love today. I want love in the truest and purest form. As I evolve as a woman, my understanding of love will change, and therefore my expectations may change. I invite people in my life who will evolve with me and respect my edits along the way. If I’m holding value to my own goals, it makes me available to support others.


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