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    The To Be Love Project is a Health Be Series that discuss different topics of love. The grand question is how to understand multiple variations of love and how to be empowered by love. Although hate can be a great motivation for some, love is a tool that hasn’t been mastered. Health Be Mind that love starts with support, an open mind, care for yourself, and a willingness to learn. To start off this project, there is the 12 answers series to the question: What does it mean to love yourself?


    Check out Answer 3:


    A part of the series is an attached activity sheet and love letter template. The activity sheet is a sheet done with each answer to encourage us to think forward about each topic. The love letter is a letter written to yourself to help us get familiar with love on a personal level. Check out the activity sheet here and the love letter template for this week here:


    Every love letter for the next 12 weeks includes 3 quotes. These quotes can come from a love song, inspirational quote, a self-made quote, etc. Include these quotes in the love letter for inspiration.


    Here is an example of the Love Letter:


    Dear Dani,

    Although this week was tough financially, I want you to remember that you’ve mastered the power of using your resources in the past and you can do so now. Remember to breathe and believe in your abilities. [love quote from alan cave – se pas pou dat} Dani, today you are mature and I love you. Although I can’t give you all of the money in the world right now – I can give you a good feeling through the arts you like to embrace. I’ll have you shine like a diamond and believe me because I’m sincere about you making an impact in the worlds of others. [end of love quote from alan cave – se pas pou dat}…..


    And then I kept writing and added to more quotes. Check out this Love Letter Template to start your own love letter to yourself

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