• 5 Reasons to be Aware of Sexual Energy and Spiritual Energy

    Sex creates.

    Yes, sex is not only an act to reproduce humans but it’s also used for the manifestation of various realities and desires. It is the highest form of intimacy and is much more effective when its benefits are beyond surface level.

    Sex is expression.

    It is a part of our authentic being to be who we are and feel what we feel. It’s unhealthy to repress oneself from their authentic self and sex is one of the many avenues of expression. Some may use it because they love a climax, others may use it because they are unable to express in words how they love–and this high level of intimacy is the outlet to do just that. Others use sex to please their physical desires. However sex is used…the objective is to use it and express it in sincerity. It may be true that people express their loves in more ways than sex, however; sex is an important element. Whenever sex is no longer pleasure it may be appropriate to find our the root of the lack of pleasure. It can cut into the lack of expression and authenticity between a union.

    Sex has levels.

    It’s important for both male and female to be conscious of their sexuality and spirituality because the two are connected. I suggest this great read on spirituality and sex which reflects that there may be three levels of sexual energy. In Savage article “Reclaiming the Erotic Spiritual Sex: Beyond the Physical”, Savage suggests that the three levels are a) genital pleasuring, b) conscious loving and c) spiritual union.The first is described as when ” energy is received through genital pleasure and manifested through physical sensations of intense pleasure.” It is the mutual agreement to submit¬† to play and relaxation.
    Next, there is conscious loving which is summed up to be the process in which sexual energy is released as divine love. It is the chance to create harmony with your partner through a loving communion and connection. Savage explains that this is the moment where energy does not only include the genital root chakra but it moves from that point and focuses on the heart chakra.
    The last level is spiritual union and this is when the energy experienced is ecstasy. It is defined as an enhanced awareness, inspiration and the merging with the force that is life.
    It was an interested read and provides guidance to the levels of sexual pleasure. The author also notes that these levels are not separate from one another but interconnected and provides opportunity to grow within each level.
    Perhaps the awareness of self is also a level. Being aware of who you are will help you align with others to whom you are able to gift.
    Intimacy is an art. It requires communication, connection and certainty. Be certain of what you want. During the times of ecstasy, make an internal request to reach levels in all areas of life. And do this with one who also aspires and connects with you. It’s just a thought…
    The article also suggest that the development of compassion and heart exercise can help individuals to present themselves as a gift to their partner for a powerful healing connection.

    Sex is you.

    The reason to be conscious about your sexual energy is that you are transferring energy. During such transference, you bring a piece of that person with you. Be honest with yourself…your aspirations. Are you transferring energy with beings that don’t represent the things that you mirror or admire?
    It is possible to disconnect yourself from the experience and simply enjoy sex at the genital level of sexual energy, yet; if there is a desire to take such practice for the use of expansion…get to know the people you are dealing with in the most deepest ways…especially yourself. Sex has the power to bring life to you and your partner if both parties want it to be.
    Sex should not feel forced or unnatural. It should be an experiment, a lesson on divine pleasure. It should be the chance for fun, a chance for joy, a chance for ecstasy, a chance to release and expand. It can be so many things. You and another have the opportunity to define it on a level without words or with words.
    Some use the climax experience to export a desired mantra into the universe. Some mantras ( group of words that are considered capable of creating transformation) may include:
    “Orgasm is not the goal. Orgasm is what happens when you are busy having fun”
    “I experience a balance and loving relationship with —–“
    These are just examples. Create a mantra that relates to you and your situation. Believe it and create.

    Sex is health and heals.

    Aside from the great exercise, sex is an opportunity to restore the balance within. Maybe you have used your sexual energy with the wrong people…well don’t count it as a lost. Count it as an opportunity to restore yourself with a sexual dose that exemplifies appreciation, life again, happiness. Yes, we can get this from ourselves but sharing intimacy with another is significant and profound. It is a chance to get to know your partner. If it is too early for sex, bond with physical proximity. Allow your energies to reintroduce themselves. It will help with levels of anxiety, stress and worries, etc. It factors into the over all well being of a person.
    Learn yourself and what you like. Express your desires and attract the ultimate satisfaction.

    Sex is a great goal and if it is not yet present…it will come in due time but the preliminary process is much more inspiring.It may be something you want to evaluate and consider before acting upon it in most cases. It is most powerful to create a significant bond, a friendship. Even the transference of oxytocin on its most basic levels can create an intimate satisfaction without hitting the sheets (speaking from an Aquarius viewpoin.t) Sometimes having a mental bond with someone is the ignition to sexual satisfaction. Each individual is different…each relationship is unique …perhaps using astrology as a guide can be a starting point. It is a little more than comparing sun signs. More significantly is learning the moon and rising sign …compare charts, etc. But most importantly …just live…live in ecstasy…so to attract the same.

    Although love and relationships are dynamic and every natal chart compared to another is situational..here is a general look at what signs are most compatible. Looking at your sun sign is only a piece of the action. I would suggest referring to your moon sign which declares a more in depth analysis of you via an astrological perspective. Don’t know your moon sign….use this link¬† and find out.

    Compatibility Grid:

    *This grid is from www.cafeastrology.com




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