• Hibernation (Winter) to Activation (Spring)

    Spring is almost here and it’s time to slip away from the Winter season. The Winter season can symbolize the end of things and darkness. The longest nights of the year begin with the winter solstice. Winter represents a time of stillness within our darkest thoughts and moments. We may reflect on the aspects of our lives that require nurture and innerstanding while we decide to prepare the things we want to give birth to in the spring. Transition occurs from Winter to Spring as with all seasons. I especially take heed to this transition because the Winter is a time when life requires my strongest efforts even when I don’t have the desire to awake every effort in my bone. However, I learn more about my internal strength and I evaluate my progress over time. During Winter time we have a lot of down time to reflect on significant  lessons or experiences. Perhaps our minds are the strongest coming out of the Winter. We are then able and capable to activate the rebirth of ourselves when Spring arrive. Well, this is at least how I like to see life.

    The Spring is a time of balance and equilibrium. It is important to bring back balance if balance has left. Create a space to appreciate your darkest secrets or desires and introduce them to your light side. Unite your dark and light side in away in which it brings an authentic peace rather then a superficial peace. Superficial peace are results of a suppressed self. The goal is to be a better you. Always be a great person but define greatness based on your standards. This allows you to be actively involved in your life and happiness instead of following and being subjected to the social assumptions and norms. We do not want to rest so comfortable  in the dark side that we disregard the feelings of others or humaneness; yet, we do not want to fall and rest so deep into light that we become life’s push overs. The best alternative is to find equilibrium. Do not be afraid to bring your dark side to the dinner table where you eat with logic, fairness and everything right. The dark side has a say also and may help position you in a seat where all perspectives are within reach of the core of you, and sectioned at the desired degrees from each other. It is like picturing a natal chart with 12 houses, 15 degrees from each area of your life. The only difference is: you place the planets where you want. You control the things that are cohesive and which things are blocked. The chart does not have to dictate your life, you can adjust life to serve you. Everything will eventually line up if you place your attention where you want growth. Take note that focusing on everything problematic, gives birth to more problems. Focusing on everything worrisome will birth more worries.

    natal chart

    Maybe we have been off balance with our priorities or  motivation. We reach the way  of equal day and night to make things right (yes, I’m rhyming. My rhyming is tight. And perhaps corny) Speaking of rhyming, you can be the rebirth of slick in your life. Get motivated by the tunes of Digable Planets because your cool like that. Be your own cool. Focus on the tunes that correlates with your groove. Move in away that your balance speaks the language of eloquence to both you and those who vibe with your sound.

    This is a time where we become more active on our goals and desires. We feel more clear minded and capable of doing the things on our to-do list. We naturally begin cleaning out all things that are old, all things that clutter. I especially have a gravitation to the Spring because the smell associated with this time of year is refreshing to me. I become the most motivated and effective when I’m able to breathe in the freshness of life. Begin each day breathing in balance. Get excited…Spring is near.

    Below is a video I found on YouTube that touches on the Spring Equinox. It seems cool like that but I have some questions and thoughts from watching it that I would like to explore more. (Future BlogIt results after my own research.) If you also have questions on a different perspective, let’s talk or leave a comment.

    There is a lot of information related to how we as a people respond to the season. I encourage you to research history of people and former rituals as it relates to the Spring Equinox. Some decide to do an internal cleanse to get rid of junk inside and out. We have enough days before Spring to do a 21-day cleanse. This is a great way to get the cleaning process started. You can also do a simple but important cleanse of the colon to get things aligned within. It will be fun! Find balance. Happy almost Spring!

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