• Is Procrastination another word for lazy?

    I would like to think that procrastination is NOT another word for lazy. My belief is that lazy is just lazy and procrastination is a whole other entity in itself! In this “English language” we understand that in some cases  two different words can mean the same thing. But from my observation procrastination is not one of them.Procrastination is a challenge; it comes with guilt and often time self-doubt. Lazy is just unwillingness and I’m willing!

    I have a major procrastination problem! I will make a list of things to do for myself and only achieve one item on the list and sometimes none. Hold up…. now on a good day I may do all but one or two, but that’s rare. Now, is this because I’m laying around in my pajamas? No. I’m letting  everybody else needs come before my own. Or, I’ve simply have psyched myself out of what I want to do.

    You know the self hate whispers in your head,

    “you can’t get that..”

    “you probably will be late anyway..”

    “you can’t afford that..”

    ” what will they think if you do that?”

    Procrastinating makes me feel bad about myself because I have my heart set on accomplishing something and I did not do it. I feel a lack of love for myself when I do this.Things people need me to do is not life or death but I allow the distractions to sway me away from my tasks. Unconsciously, I believe it is a lack of self-love.

    If you just met someone and there is great chemistry and conversation  you will make time to go on dates and make it a priority to water the seed which can lead you guys down the isle.

    Well, why do a lot of us not do this for ourselves? Why am I not loving myself through my procrastination?

    Lets look at some of my learned behaviors; a lot of the woman in my family have always put themselves last. Their children’s wants have come before their own, their husbands or mates have come before their own.

    Now, is this a bad thing? That’s not the topic so if it is or isn’t is not the point. The point is they probably had a list they needed to attend to that  wasn’t for their children, husband or friends but for themselves!

    I have learned in the last year that you must show yourself love no matter what is going on in your life, but if you have been shown otherwise this can feel wrong, selfish and or bad.

    The challenges that some procrastinators go threw is real and should not be pasted off as lazy. There could really be a deep cry for help that is going unspoken. A lot of us are very talented and wish the world could experience our minds if only for one day.

    I wish us  humans could start to look at each other in more of a helpful way than a judgmental way. Your story, advice or helping hand could spark a new mind set and self-love in an individual.

    I’m currently working towards being the change I want to see. So, I’m looking for an accountability partner. If you’ve been working on your journey as well..share your story.

    Until next time good people, Peace!

    To learn more about Joy, check her out here.

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