• Karma is not a bitch

    Good and bad depends on the perspective of the observer. So in that case..karma is not a bitch, karma represents growth and experience.Furthermore, things are only difficult if you think things are difficult.
    I can admit that I do a lot of thinking and analyzing. Some of my thoughts need to starve and others need to be fed the attention they desrve. One of my thoughts lately has been on the subject of karma. I just have a problem calling karma a bitch. Karma has never did me wrong and this is due to my perspective on things.
    The question to consider when dealing with karma is:
    What is it that I put out?
    Because that is exactly the energy you  receive in return.
    Put out the energy of fear and doubt and it will come back as so.
    On the contrary, put out the energy of growth and restoration and you will get this in return instead.
    It seems as though, everyone has their own perspective of what’s good and bad in their lives and all of these come from our upbringings and life’s adventure thus far. It derives from the things that we decide to let in to our psyche, the environment we come across, and our overall experiences.
    People have to remember how to tap into their greatest strength which is the mind.
    Perhaps, you did something that would hurt another person’s feelings and you think, “it’s going to come back to me.” Or maybe, another person warned you of the karma that is coming to you and that’s what scared you, ” You better watch out! karma is a bitch! Everything you did to me is going to come back!” This is enough to make some one scared indeed.
    In my favorite movie, The Color Purple, Celie says to Master ( her husband), “until you do right by me everything you think is gonna fail!” And then she added a double pointed finger combo to seal the deal. Her unwanted husband had fear in his eyes. And indeed everything does go bad for him until he did right by Celie. But he did not do right by her in love…he did it in fear. Perhaps he could’ve done away with the fear part and learned the lesson that was appropriate for his journey.
    Anyway, it’s a good movie. But the point is, no one has the right to define your outcomes except you. Be the one to take control of your life, your lessons, your growth. And do so the way you want.
    If you decided to take on someone’s else energy and feed it to your thoughts…you just gave birth to that particular experience. Why not give birth to experiences that redirects you from the path of being a victim to a victim. They don’t have to be bitchy experiences.
    If there are two motivating forces in life, fear and love, why not be motivated by love. It is okay to love yourself. It is through an admirable love for yourself that you begin to align yourself with the experiences that is most cohesive with you. By doing so, you get to a place where you are so filled with internal love. At this point all you give out to others are gifts of yourself without the requirement of anything in return. You can dance that dance with persons who appreciate and love your edible, europhic energy…because that’s what you give out…and because that’s what you want.
    The other choice is responding to the energy of fear. This not only starves you of self fulfillment but it starves others around you. Instead of getting the whole you…they receive an emptiness that has to consistently be filled.
    Now, everyone is at a different places in their experience or consciousness so all “childhood” issues or things of the same class may not be depleted…but at what ever point you are, the key is to accept yourself..and know that you have to continue the process.
    Continue to do so via consistent inward investment. Learn yourself…and decide where you want to be next.This type of energy will have you attracting other energies that support your journey as they continue on the journey of their own.
    If you have defined your own morals in life and would like to abide by them…then do so in love. Being an upright person is good, being a giving person is super, and living by your golden rule is life! To have great morals, says a lot about the energy you carry. However, make sure you carry this energy because it is sincere to your being and not because it is loyal to the fear you’ve been fed. If you ever break a rule…learn how to forgive yourself. This gives birth to growth and lessons learned without all of the discomfort of a “bitchy” energy. I mean really…#karmaisnotabitch
    *I want to discuss this more. Look forward to an extended blog addressing other factors dealing with karma. If there are any questions, suggesstions or just simply hellos…email me! daniej@healthbemind.com

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