• Lose your Mind: The Art of Mind Wandering

    Have you lost your mind lately? Have you questioned your thought process or acted out way beyond control? Then, maybe you lost your mind. Losing your mind can seem uncomfortable which is why I have adopted a new approach to losing your mind; mind wandering. Mind wandering is becoming actively involved in the “I’m going wacko” process by allowing your mind to free up more often then you may let.

    Even the most composed people, need to let their mind wander for a while. Mind wandering is a healthy activity. It serves as the opportunity for your mind to explore things outside of our weakest moments. Exploration through the mind may involve the insight to a different perspective, a chance to analyze and process outside of your common way of thinking or just the chance to breathe, or the chance to involve yourself in the art of life.

    Mind wandering is an intangible experience that is needed from time to time. The goal is to lose your mind in healthy increments overtime. We try so hard not to lose our mind that we drown our mind with pride, overthinking, self-pity, and depression and finally result in us actually losing our mind in the less preferred way. These things can result in an outrage and/or an exploded mind rage. Ah ya ya!

    Below are some ways we may start to lose our mind, along with some suggested routes to navigate through the journey of easing the mind in wandering experiences…


    Memory Loss:

    Memory loss generally refers to the misplacing of information in the mind. In some cases losing vital information can cause some hiccups. Maybe you lost where you put your keys or maybe you forgot an answer to the life test the universe keeps presenting to you. Perhaps, you lost the true essence of yourself. Whatever the memory loss may be

    Strongly Emotional or Extremely Dramatic:

    Maybe you are feeling very emotional because you’ve been stung with your own pride or maybe you’ve reached that time in the cycle of life where all things wrong are magnified and you need to cry to release some toxins. I have times where I’ve kept a strong countenance through the most gruesome life events; yet, I have also experienced times where the smallest, stupidest things can have me burst into tears. After taking sometime to let my mind wander, I realized that these emotional episodes happen because I did properly mediate through the problems I let stack up in life. Generally, I’m not emotional person but involving my self in some active emotions more often has been healthy growth for me.


    Clearly being disrespectful is unseemly trait but it can happen in the heat of the wild. If you find yourself losing your mind through this route, guide yourself back to the golden rule.


    Carelessness can manifest itself in many ways. Perhaps you have stop taken care of yourself mentally, physically or spiritually. Maybe you have neglected your responsibility or attentiveness to important things. The case may vary…carelessness can be an indicator that you are stressed out and need time to yourself. Let yourself wander and indulge yourself in something that you like on a routine basis. Create a balance within your life and stick to that vibe.


    Have you lost your mind by being a fraud? Are you less authentic or a copy cat? It happens! Every body “wanna be like Mike” or in today’s case so many other celebrities; however the trick is to celebrate yourself. Imagine how attracting it will be when you internally build on your internal health. The influence of someone who cares for themselves certaintly can have an impact on others who also seek internal health of the mind and spirit. Identify with the things that truly reflect who you are and dispose everything else. It’s easy…be you.

    Playing the Victim

    It’s always someone else to blame for our woes. Sometimes it’s tough not to blame someone for the experiences that has resulted in pain. Yet, the best option is to get up, go, keep going until you find your way no longer in victim mode. Let your mind get lost in confidence and power. Once your mind has return to you, take on this role and make it permanent.

    Lacking Power, Passion, and Drive

    I know you can do it! You want to do it So, do it! Get lost in a motivating mantra. Few words, more actions.


    The only thing you should want control over is you. Allow yourself to be free. Being controlling can cause a life of heartache. Expectations may be too high and come crashing down. When things go wrong…it’s possible to lose your mind and cause some damage along the way. Try not to go in the negative direction. Instead, let your mind escape with the wind. Give your mind your free time.


    I recently spoke to a close friend who admitted that they were involved in a co-dependency relationship and thought the answer was to create more problems. Although identifying our issues or weak moments (whatever they mean to you) can be defining points in our lives, the most admonition comes from making a move towards loving yourself before loving someone else. Being involved in codependency can result in some sticky mess. In conclusion, just don’t do it…depend on your mind to transform you to an independent being who can be a partner to another great independent being

    It’s easy to separate oneself from the ability to choose their own reason for being. But be comfortable with being. People often mention that, “everything happens for a reason” as a blanket statement to disappointments in life. This can be true but today try to revamp the mind to believe that the things that happen directly to you are originated from your way of thinking. Let your mind get lost in those thoughts.

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