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    Hi everyone! My name is Love. I just wanted to write a little about myself & my health background so you can know who you’re working with. I dislike going to websites & not knowing who owns the company because I want to know who I can complain to if anything goes wrong. Ha. JK. I thought that was hilarious by the way but I digress.

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    About Love

    So I am originally from Greensboro, NC—born & raised. My sisters & I grew up with THE MOST sensitive skin. If Johnson & Johnson had too much fragrance, we couldn’t use it. Expensive soaps & lotions were common in our house. I grew to learn my skin better as I got older & I realized that cocoa butter & shea butter were the answers to a lot of my questions. They weren’t as expensive, either. I started learning more about health through Instagram. You read right! IG. I kept seeing these memes about how fluoride was toxic, lotions & deodorants are absorbed by your skin & that a lot of these products contained harmful ingredients; many of them carcinogens. If you are not familiar with the term, a carcinogen is a substance that causes or increases your risk of developing cancer. Everyone knows that cancer is nothing to play with yet they have built trillion dollar industries on making cups, hats, gloves, umbrellas, lanyards, pens, shirts, sandals, flip flops, signs, banners, business cards, campaigns, run-a-thons, & more to support the notion that cancer is incurable & that people needed to rely of treating the cancers in hopes that the patient will become better rather than implementing strategies that will actually benefit the client like doing an analysis of what chemicals were found in their blood, in heavier concentrations in the area where the cancer developed, changes to the client’s diet, exercise plans, meditation & other holistic remedies that will not destroy each cell in your body.

    Love’s Passion & Vision

    I wanted to create health & beauty products that eliminate the stress of shopping around for things because what you just spent money on did not work. I wanted to eliminate the stigma of products that are supposed to be “natural” or “organic” & actually are not. I wanted to prevent people from having to use beauty products that they have to pay high prices for both in financial terms & with their health. Currently, Kween Kare Cosmetics offers hair mask, face mask, toothpaste, mouthwash, sugar scrub, deodorant, lip scrub, deep conditioner & lip balm. Each item is made from scratch by me with only the best ingredients & with quality customer service. There is a link to a tutorial for almost every product in the Kween Kare Cosmetic’s inventory.  Customers on the email list are informed of product releases, promotions & sales before anyone else! They also have the opportunity to participate in customer satisfaction surveys & following the survey will receive a coupon for their time. The amounts vary from 10-60%!

    For more info…

    Contact Love today for more information & visit for customer reviews! You may check out more reviews on www.facebook.com/kweenkarecosmetics.

    “Welcome to my world, share in her pride & enjoy this journey with me. Love & light.”


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