• Lover’s Compensation

    What does it feel like to be heart broken?

    Perhaps, the ego was just distorted?

    It’s possible..my heart may have been punched before but fortunately for me it bounces back fairly quickly. My recovery time is almost instant.

    It is also possible that my perspectives were clogged and my senses were out of sync and I placed myself in “wannabe” love environments that didn’t belong to me but I believe my heart always stayed whole throughout all of the journeys.

    This is because I put my mind in my heart. I always rationalize the unfortunate events in my life and take the sanguine approach with life obstacles.

    I’ve also been smart enough to know that what seems like love is not really love.

    I think with my heart and my passion for thinking and evolving overrides my passion to be absurdly emotional in any given situation. So my ideal love is a logical love with heavy dashes of sincere emotions. When your emotions use wisdom…they are authentic.



    People may ask, “Well, what if you found the love of your life? And they left you, would your heart break?”

    And I’d say…

    …I have evolved so much that I couldn’t imagine my self  drowned in sorrow or shattered in any pieces. I could only imagine myself appreciating the time well spent.


    It should make us think. Are we doing this love thing all wrong? Are we investing hard work into relationships we think fits the idea of love instead of letting authentic love come to us . It comes to us when we align ourselves with the appropriate frequency… the frequency of “be” which means nothing more than be you and continue.

    Instead we end up in a heart jam when a relationship is over. One may feel like they’ve got stabbed in the back and someone owes them something for their pain. That’s pretty unfair.

    If you decide to follow the fake feeling of love then you have to be prepare for the risks that comes with that decision or take the lessons you want to gain on such adventures.

    Taking lessons is deciding you want to practice or prepare for the real thing. Fake love and fake relationships is like a lover’s playground. It’s where we learn what things we want and do not want. I would take the lessons instead of causing injury to myself. What do you think?


    When you are truly in love with someone, how could you ever come to a place that breaks you? Perhaps, these instances were never love but an idea of what we wanted love to be. Maybe, the experiences we shared with those we thought were lovers were really us playing around in that lover’s playground. It was time spent on the evolution of ourselves as a sincere lover. Some learn faster than others and may not need much experience; others like to get hurt and learn the hard way.

    Love is truly an easy concept that many destroy because of the lack of thinking with the heart. This is how you get hurt and throw yourself out of the love game.


    In cases like these, there should be a lover’s compensation in place.

    So, what is lover’s compensation?

    Well, I was listening to a song on the radio the other day and I thought the artist had mentioned something of the sort of lover’s compensation….and although I was completely off…I still begin to reflect on the concept. What if there was a lover’s compensation?

    I had to make sure I knew what I was talking about so I looked up workers compensation. Workers compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employers injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence.

    And there it was…

    My “Aha” moment.

    Yes, there should be a lover’s compensation.

    But what would this compensation consist of?

    When a lover is injured in the course of a relationship, situation-ship, friendship…etc…the lover should be compensated for the injury a.k.a the heart break, the ego damper, the soul-draining experience, the ill feeling of not wanting to eat and so on.

    The lover should be compensated? But how? With money?

    No, but the compensation will definitely be granted in the form of internal rewards.


    Think about putting together your own compensation package that helps you heal your own personal injuries…to fill the voids you are trying to fill with another being. These injuries from “wannabe” love experiences are only injuries because you allow them to be. Below is an example of lover’s compensation package that you can design for yourself.




    1. Healthcare- this is simple. Take care of your health. Exercise more; be conscious of your eating habits. You will be surprised at how the right foods can give you energy, act as an aphrodisiac, calm you, etc…


    1. Spiritual Wellness- this doesn’t always only pertain to religion. This can be investing in getting to know the being that is you. What makes you happy? Get in touch with your spirit.


    1. Personal Days: Take time to enjoy yourself and only you. Soak in the joy of being a living and vibing soul. It’s important to know your true value and to do so you need time to focus on your vision, goals, etc.


    1. Special Classes- Take time to learn how. For instance, you can set yourself up with multiple streams of income and make smarter money. Getting money doesn’t have to be a selfish act. It not only allows you to invest in more life experiences, it opens up avenues to gain wisdom and share wisdom with others. Or perhaps you have hobbies you want to pick up…learn them. Take a class that maximizes you as a person. Learning is always therapeutic




    This is just a preview. You can protect yourself from future injury if you always fall back on your own ability to manifest change in your life.

    I encourage you to design your own lover’s package. Then work on how can you improve on your package.

    But wait…it’s possible…we may find ourselves injured by a lover again. This time be prepared.  Use your lover’s compensation guide and invest those benefits back into you.

    You may have lost parts of you only because they weren’t really a part of the more defined person that’s transforming everyday.

    Focus on the package that opens up doors where you’ll find an authentic love. There won’t be any injury to your spirit because this love is divine, sincere and everything else nice.


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