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    Isn it amazing what one experience had at the perfect time can do for an individuals’ life? Recognizing that life is indeed a journey, I want to share with you the ELATION I feel knowing life speaks too


    The quote above perfectly articulates the inner workings of my mind!
    Before I getting into the specific things I would like to encourage readers to adopt a new sensitivity to life.

    The Information is in the Details

    Each of us individually have our own journey and along the way life is constantly working to equip us for the roads we will travel ahead. Many times we may ask ourselves why we find ourselves in these revolving door situations; these are situations that seem to consistently reoccur for us. We may see many similarities in older and newer situations. It is my belief that the reoccurrence is due to us missing the EQUIP-ABLE detail.

    Equip-able details are the conduit in which our lives are delivered tools.The tool’s mostly come in the form of gained self knowledge. A fault within us may be highlighted, not to slight us or to fault us but to guide us. The revealing is actually a mechanism to shock us into action, by actively displaying an area that requires our attention. If the truth is placed before us consistently enough we will eventually (hopefully) grasp what life is attempting to deliver. What society, and experiences have done to us… in a not so great way… is cause us to look outward for blame or purpose, when in actuality it is our inner guiding that works on our behalf.

    Initital Reactions

    The details are usually coded within our initial reactions. Our initial reaction has been something we’ve conditioned ourselves to see as our “feelings”. In actuality our initial reaction is an under developed version of what we feel. We are complex beings so it is safe to say our true feelings are made up of more than our initial reaction. Our initial reaction is very important! It is chalked full of information. Let’s say your initial reaction to a situation is discomfort. The information begins there. Then, you can assess why you feel discomfort. Maybe the discomfort comes from a past experience, from personal fear, or from out right awkwardness lol.  Despite the cause, the assessing begins a trail to more information about self. If we are sensitive enough and attentive enough we can gain the knowledge needed to either side step the situation or move to a place it no longer causes us discomfort.

    Use your Mental Tools

    We have to utilize our wisdom and thinking to navigate our initial reactions. Again the initial reaction is just the raw material to what we feel. In order get to a more pure articulation of what we feel, we have to spend some thought time on it. Some of us can think on it quickly and for others it may take time. When filtering through our thoughts we tend to ask ourselves questions and in some weird way it’s like there are two selves. I think this is when our conscious self engages our subconscious self. Subconsciously we seem to know exactly why things are the way they are or what causes certain reactions for us. Its quite an amazing thing when you think about it.

    “I engage myself for answers and myself actually replies.”

    By working ourselves towards a fuller perspective on our feelings we act in harmony with the totality of ourselves. When we under deliver our feelings we under deliver the fullness of who we are. We must be encouraged to begin to use our initial reactions as a guide and let us not ignore them or make light of them.

    It is within the inclinations of our initial reactions we find truth and move toward fuller self. Next time you get a feeling dive a bit deeper I guarantee that more times than none, you may find yourself locking onto something!

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