• Our World

    …as I take the time to look back at it all…

    There was this one thing I appreciated about you…

    And that was the value of the bond we created…

    Although we didn’t fit into one another’s’ world ….we found enough space between your life and mine to create our own world. We knew the language, we knew the shortcuts to a smile and we were both the star – we believed in one another

    here, and only here – did we believe in the magic of us…


    When we are united in this place…it is evident that the worlds outside of us do not matter …and that is why today I can still call you my friend – at any given time I know I can come to our world and get what I need to keep pushing …and you the same

    I’d go back to my world and they’d ask, “would you ever return?”

    And with certainty I say, “Yes, but only in doses…”

    ….because the truth still remains that we are from two different worlds on purpose

    With Love,


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