• Parasites, Get Out!

    We have a life going on….and it’d be a beautiful accomplishment to live it with depth, freedom and love! One of the best ways to accomplish this is to believe in the power of creating a healthy life, inside of our bodies and out. Everything in our world is closely related to how we feed the mind. The desire we should have towards healing our bodies should resemble the desire to change our lives.

    I’ve come across this one familiar saying often: “same above, as below” or something like that…I’ve seen it used in the context of creating Heaven on Earth…but here’s my little twist: The dynamic within the body… will match the life outside of it Boom!

    I want my inner health to reflect my world. With that being said, I have some work to do inside my body in order to get to the places I want to be in life. So…this week, I’ve been taking a closer look at parasites…

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    What are parasites?

    Parasites are organisms that come in many shapes and sizes. They are only able to live their lives by gaining their nutrients and shelter from another organism. Some people are familiar with the well – known organisms that cause you to loose weight. No matter how much you eat, nothing is being absorbed by your body because a parasitic creature is in your body taking out your substance for life

    The Parasite Cleansing Kit for the BODY

    Know this: There is an opportunity for you to restore your body by participating in an internal cleanse. By clicking on this link below you’ll have access to my resources on parasites and can start a journey to a better physical body. So, check out the parasitic cleansing kit for the body in order to get that inner health on fleek. Then, come back to read more about my version of the parasitic cleansing kit for the Mind and Spirit.


    The Parasite Cleansing Kit for the MIND & SPIRIT

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    In many ways, we can act as a parasite to ourselves. How? The person we no longer want to be is draining the nutrients out of the person we desire to become…leaving us with little to no energy to become better. If we find ourselves in this predicament. We must respond immediately. It’s enough to have situations and people outside working against us – WE must not add to the self – harm.

    I’ve identified 9 types of parasites that may be present in our lives; three for the mind, three for the spirit and three for the body. The list will vary from person to person but here is the key to identifying parasites in your life: Reflect.

    Reflection is a healthy method in which we allow the noise of the outside world to quiet. Once, we’ve been able to shut out the noise for a while…we then, write down everything we can think of that’s causing uneasiness in our lives. I’ve learned that writing and walking have been my walkway to wellness.

    I spend much of my time in my thoughts; sometimes this causes unnecessary worries and anxiety. I usually write about the things I want to share and sculpt into art with my pen; however, I spent little to no time on the situations that caused me to sink in my thoughts. So, since I believe in change (sometimes) … I decided this new method of writing everything out, all of the bad. One or two things happens when I write out the bad things:

    1. I realize that things aren’t as bad as I thought…


    2. I learn how to strategize and write solutions for my problems.

    With that being said, I encourage you to create a parasite cleansing kit for your mind and your spirit. For 21 days – PLUS FOREVER, I want you to Cleanse your body; cleanse your spirit; cleanse your mind.



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    Here’s How it Works:

    Step 1: Gather your kit supply

    1. a YOU journal; the YOU journal will be used to write out the changes you want to see in your life. Write your name on the front cover of your journal: The New Life of  (insert name here)
    2. Color pencils or colored markers; These will be used to add color to your life – HAHA!
    3. Canvas & Paint
    4. Empty Box
    5. 21 empty card

    Step 2: Split the YOU journal into 3 sections; my mind, my spirit, and my physical health. However, leave a few pages, in the beginning, to write out the areas in your life that seem like they’re parasites. Here is a quick guide to determining the type of parasites that may be in your life.


    – Thoughts that are draining your self – esteem

    – Thoughts that encourage you to be lifeless

    – Thoughts that encourage you to harm others mentally, spiritually of physically


    – Situations that seem hopeless; bills, parenthood, loneliness

    – People who intentionally try to break your soul

    – People who unintentionally are causing disharmony


    – Over or under eating habits

    – Not paying attention to the things that come into your body

    – People who take advantage (and or waste) of your resources, time and energy

    Once you spend the first day writing out the current parasites in your life, it’s time to write your new life.

    Step 3: For each day (morning and night) – open up each section and write at least one positive sentence for each section. Use strong statements such as “I WILL” and “I AM”  This is related to YOUR life so answers may vary..but here is an example:

    Mind: I will be more open – minded

    Spirit: I will love my weirdness foreveeerrrr

    Physical: I will get ABS, I will… I promise!

    If you find yourself, running out of positive things – repeat what you want to see over and over – DON’T STOP – keep going. Allow this time with your book to add color to your day, to your night and to your LIFE! YES!

    Ok, now that we have the main agenda out of the way…What are the other supplies for?

    The Colored Pencils: On the days you don’t fee like writing…draw…color! It’s therapeutic even in our adult years. Do It!

    Canvas and Paint: As a lover of all things ART, I encourage everyone to create their own design. Create a picture full of bright colors that serve as your power board. Life is about adding color! After, you have painted all that you can paint…take a black sharpie and write your name in the center….AND BOOM…you have just created your colorful world. (create this painting on day 11 – This will serve as the portal to your new world)

    Empty Box and 21 blank cards: On each day for at least the first 21 days…find a strong word; a word that defines you. On the front of the card…write the word and on the back describe why this powerful word defines you and or who you are becoming.

    And that’s all folks! Spend your time loving on yourself. BUT….it’s okay to love others while you’re loving yourself…As we set a goal to rid ourselves of parasites…it’s also important that we recognize if we are being parasites to other people. Each day…find a place where you can restore strength and light back into someone’s life. This can be as simple as saying to someone “hello” or “hey homie, I found this new website called www.healthbemind.life and I’d like to share it with you” —HAHA! I crack myself out. Until next time, check out the parasitic cleanse for

    Until next time, check out the parasitic cleanse for your body (INFO below) and BE MINDFUL 🙂

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    Where can I purchase a cleanse for the BODY?

    Well…there is a parasitic cleansing kit available on the site at the Secret Energy Holistic Store which is found here: HOLISTIC STORE

    Keep in mind that all profits made from the Holistic Store are tunneled into our world of holistic advocacy. We like to support the mom and pop service & product providers of the holistic world! Fun times! YES! While you’re at it… feel free to donate to the Health Be Mind team! There’s a link below 🙂



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  • kate says:
    May 30, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    This was interesting. I think I may add some items to my bullet journal.

  • Carrie says:
    May 30, 2017 at 9:25 pm

    I love this. I’ve found coloring books have been such a healing thing for my anxiety. It’s so important. And I have to check out that kit for the physical parasites…I feel like there might be a little something in my body, cause I’m always tired.