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Our vision is to open minds and join you on your spiritual exploration journey

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Being to Being: Mona Lyssa

100% Mind Freedom

Discover the way you think

Involve yourself in deep thought. Can you trace back to memories from different lifetimes?


Me either…but perhaps we can learn how others experience life in different dimensions.

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Execute Your Passionate Vision

So the end of the matter is that we believe that you can believe in you. For those who want the freedom to live life and work from their own zone...

Well Minded Family & Children

Here is where we suggest articles, videos to use to help with developing a healthy home life

Thoughts from The Be Minders

Articles by our health be mind staff focused on all things that stimulate the mind, body and spirit

The Be is Being Project

Check out resources that help your journey towards being your authentic self; the healthiest version of you The shared information found here can be used to review and decide if you want to implement them in your life. Such resources include guides on meditation and self-reliance.

The Eat For The Living Project

Although vegan diet is not the only option towards a healthy diet. It is one that Health BE Mind promotes. Eating vegan can be easy and quite fun, check out some simple recipes and articles to help with the journey

The Sharing Stories Project

Healing and inspirational stories. We can all use healing by writing our experiences and sharing them with others in hopes that one person can feel the magnitude of your existence. We are inspired by the little things so feel free to share any piece of your life no matter how small.

The Mental Stimulation Project

The Mental Stimulation Project

These are articles that concentrate on food for thought questions, and tools that unlock your mind. Check out our suggestions to get the mind working.

The Yoga Body Project

The Yoga Body Project

These are shared resources for everything yoga...learn about becoming a yoga instructor or new moves or what is yoga in different forms

Wellness of the Week

These are blogs focused on a group or person who operates in the field of wellness. We would like to promote and share their journey with you. This may be suggested life coaches or healers. Check out ways people from in this world activate a healthy lives in others

Healthy Solutions and Wisdom

These are lessons about herbs, home remedies or other alternative method that lead us back to gaining from the earth

The Art is Life Project

We love the way art has played a role in making us feel good...we just want to share some of the great pieces we come across because we love you ☺ aww

Several Shades of Spirituality

I hope we mentioned that we're all at different sections of a spirituality. We are an open - minded platform that serves as a tool for those who want to define their own spiritual way. We just open you up to different ways people have done it

Internal Cleanses

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Exercise - Body

  • Cleanses
  • Vegan/ Vegetarian Recipes
  • Yoga

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