• Revolutionary Thoughts

    An excerpt from Revolutionary thoughts…

    Any man that says he has something new to offer the world is very likely lying in some shape or form…Every thought, deed, and action

    Every thought, deed, and action has evolved from its predecessors.

    Though some may seem clever and are careful to cover their tracks, The trail lives somewhere.

    We carry that same divine spark, and drive that our ancestors possessed…

    Some carry with vigor, some ignore life’s calling but all are predestined…

    Our stories were well written before this world we know today came into existence…

    Man has multiplied himself throughout the generations and became so great in number that we sometimes forget that we spring from the same root…

    The same source and substance that formed the universe lies within us, impossible to detach.. we are of creation, ever inclusive *revolutionary thoughts*


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Julian AM is an artist of poetic hip-hop and spoken word. He enjoys writing, is a performance artist and creates short films. Most importantly, he is passionate about Service, Holistic health, Nature, and Travel. Follow on IG: @wunlove.culture


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