• The Execute Your Vision Project

    Below is a list of resources to use to start the #executeyourvision project. These resources are not content by Health Be Mind. You can find these things on your own but we’re here to help you get on track. We simply collect our favorites and share them with you. If you have any suggestions or would like to add to the list some great finds, please email us at inspire@healthbemind.com. Please come back and check out more content and reviews for  Health Be Mind’s #executeyourvision project. We will be providing more pages in this category that will break down the big stuff and help you make executing your passion a reality. Check here for more info for the #executeyourvision project.


    Do you need help with finding your passion? Check out these three cool youtube pages focused on bringing inspiration for being your own business.

    1. This first video is a Tedx Talks episode about finding your inner awesomeness. This is a great video! It’s a little over 16 minutes long so hold on! Click here to check out how Eugene Hennie found his passion!

    2. Perhaps, you already know what you’re passionate about but need to figure out how to start making money as a freelancer. Check out this youtube video about freelancing! It list the top 10 websites for freelancing

    3. This video is a quick reminder that we need to change our mindset about starting your on your dream and getting out of the loop. It’s less than three minutes. Take a look!

    4. Maybe hearing someone else share their story on how they started their own furniture store can be the motivation you need. Listen to Demi O’s story. 

    5. Do you have a hobby you would like to turn into some money? Good a crafts? Create jewelry? Check out this video on how someone has become successful with etsy.

    6. Are you comfortable working for a business? Yet, you want to work from home to be with your family. Maybe this youtube channel can help you find a work from home job that’s bet for you.



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