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    Below is a list of resources to use to start the #wellmindedfamilies project. These resources are not content by Health Be Mind. You can find these things on your own but we’re here to help you with the fun growth. We simply collect our favorites and share them with you. If you have any suggestions or would like to add to the list some great finds, please email us at inspire@healthbemind.com. Please check back for more blogs in the Well Minded Families and Children category! We love to see families of all form succeed in a healthy and fun matter.


    1.  Check out this mindfulness channel for children. This will help children find a quiet place and use soar with their imagination.
    2.  Check out this blog on why it’s important to speak gentle to our children. 
    3.  Here is a blog explaining 20 ways this couple has kept marriage interesting and healthy.
    4.  It’s important that we all see that life is about duality but the good always boosts our energy. This blog explains how a mom taught her children to see the good in life when her little ones felt unhappy.
    5. A home’s environment means everything; a fresh environment contributes to a refreshing home life. Here are some tips from the  One Crazy House blog.
    6.  Yoga can be great for kids, this is an article from Mind, Body and Green that discussed yoga poses you can practice with your children.



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