• Being with Brittany Bobo

    Explain your passion/purpose in a few words

    My passion in life is to assist people in the healing of the mind, body and spirit. I intend on creating a healthier environment for humanity.

    Why do you believe in your product or service?

    I believe in Juice Plus+ because I have seen people getting off of their medications, losing weight and a host of other amazing things all from flooding their bodies with superior nutrition.

    When did you discover your passion/product?

    I first heard about Juice Plus+ in 2011.

    How can your products help others?

    The nutrition from Juice Plus+ will work to create a craving in the body for healthier foods. This will assist people in eating more fruits and vegetables and it will stand as a bridge for the gap between what they eat and what they are supposed to eat.

    What/Who inspires you?

    My Godmother and father the Drs. Philip and Nalani Valentine are my inspiration.

    What is your favorite quote?

    “Live and Let Live”

    What is your advice to others that want to do what you’re doing?

    My advice is to always follow your heart no matter who tries to discourage you. There are people who believe in you and those are the people that you are helping in return.

    What are the benefits of your product & services? For you? For Others? 

    The benefit for me is to see others help their family member heal themselves from making health changes. I am sure that this will be beneficial for others and their families as well.

    Juice Plus is non GMO,  it has over 37 research studies. It is the most researched nutritional product on the market.

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